Our Principles

Our company principles guide our team, and our policies align with our combined investment beliefs.

Echler Solomon Feng works on behalf of and serves our global client base from our Branch Office located in Qingdao.

Superiority in investing

Our goal is consistently delivering superior investment returns. To us, this means generating superior returns and minimizing risk, a paradox which can only be achieved from markets that are inefficient. Although our ultimate goal is superior returns, our first concern is ensuring that our actions are consistent, protect the capital base, and deliver excellent results in turbulent times.

Proprietary, exhaustive research

Enhancing value in the markets necessitates having in-depth knowledge and understanding that can only be gained by thorough analysis. We have a team of highly accomplished professionals given over to each market and developed a research technique that is habitually employed. Our research centers on identifying the fundamentals essential for success and pinpointing investment opportunities through which we seek to fulfill those requirements.

Compatibility of Interests

To maintain compatibility with our clients' interests, we pay attention to potential clashes of interest, avoiding them whenever possible and handling them fairly if not. We put clients' interests in front of our own and consider all clients equal. It is our basic operational standard that if all of our policies and strategies were to become public knowledge, there should be no one with reason to complain.

Workforce practices

Our workforce practices must add value to the realization of our clients' goals. A congenial work environment and a collaborative mindset are imperative; staff turnover, office politics, and unhealthy work rivalries are carefully watched over. As an employee-owned business, the fruits of our endeavors are always disbursed in a fair and impartial manner with our employees. Stock ownership and company-wide profit sharing are central to this.

Client Communication

Our interactions with clients should achieve their needs and reinforce our connection with them. We want every client to be thoroughly familiar with our philosophy, methodology, activities, and results. If our actions come as a surprise to a client, then we have not lived up to our standards. In detailing our achievements, we truthfully declare our results and do not hide behind justifications for underperformances nor bask in the glory of chance profits.


Our company’s success comes from doing all of the above. Echler Solomon Feng is operated for the benefit of its clients, its owners, and employees. Revenue without accomplishment, increasing the size of operations for the sake of it and increasing earnings by cutting corners are all unequivocally excluded. Our income will flourish as we achieve superiority in investing, but only in that instance.