Business Change Planning

Business Owners

Running a successful business takes a considerable amount of your time and exceptional commitment. As an owner you also need to have the right team in place, not just to oversee the company’s financial well-being but also to be prepared in advance for times of change.

Founded in 2009 by a close-knit group of colleagues, all sharing the same vision, Echler Solomon Feng has the experience and know-how to help steer you through times of expansion and transition.

Providing Guidance Before Significant Events Occur

The relationship-based approach of Echler Solomon Feng to serving your capital needs attends to the significant aspects of transition throughout the life of your company.

Business Funds

Discover how Echler Solomon Feng can help organize your financial future while you are still managing your business.

Personal Funds

Let Echler Solomon Feng help you plan your departure plan from the business while making sure that your private funds are suitably arranged to maintain your lifestyle throughout retirement and to support your beneficiaries in the future.

Inheritance Funds

Investigate longer-term inheritance planning options to support your grandchildren, other beneficiaries and your chosen charities.

Speak to Echler Solomon Feng about how we can make it simple for you to start planning for each phase in the lifecycle of your business and beyond.

There is no guarantee that any investment, financial, or estate planning approach will be successful.