Family Education

Preparing Your Loved Ones

A well-rounded wealth education and communication plan can help keep your family on the right course to maintain your wealth and values for generations to come. At Echler Solomon Feng, family governance is an essential function of our wealth advisory services. Find out how it can help your family lead a more financially efficient and harmonious life.

Maintaining Your Wealth with Family Education and Communication

The right guidance can steer your family down the road to long-term success.

Financial Education

Echler Solomon Feng can help your family develop the knowledge and tools required to encourage personal and financial responsibility down the generations.

Family Vision, Ideals, and Aspirations

Revealing the personal dynamics of your family and what elements of life are of most importance is central to the development of a family vision and mission strategy.


Talking with your family about your existing charitable giving and philanthropic preferences can enable them to gain a healthier awareness of charitable gifting.

Creating the Basis of Family Harmony

Developing a single vision among family members is crucial in sustaining the family's overall wealth for generations to come.

There is no guarantee that any investment, financial, or estate planning approach will be successful.