Family Office Services

Catering To Your Family’s Needs

With significant wealth comes the task of bringing together all of the services and experience required to manage and cultivate it. Echler Solomon Feng’s family office management can help sustain your family's existing lifestyle and ensure your legacy continues down the generations.

An Integrated Solution to Complicated Requirements

Created for families with more than $25 million and complex wealth management needs that include numerous disciplines and generations, our family office brings together all your financial and life management concerns under one central point of control.

An Individually Crafted Service

Your dependable family office steward gains a thorough comprehension of your family's aspirations and values, and acts as an active, day to day advisor ensuring your continued financial well-being. Backed by an expert team with cross-disciplinary knowledge who will see to your most complex needs, Echler Solomon Feng will craft multi-generational strategies that include your whole family.

There is no guarantee that any investment, financial, or estate planning approach will be successful.