Personal Trust Administration

Managing a Trust

When establishing a trust, you want to make sure that it is followed and managed in accordance with the details of the document. Contact us to see how generations of families rely on Echler Solomon Feng’s efficient and sensitive management of trusts.

A Top Quality Trust Administrator

Echler Solomon Feng provides a range of services to help guarantee that your trust is professionally and competently managed to increase, safeguard and conserve wealth for generations to come.


  • Administer trust(s) in line with the conditions of the trust document
  • Correctly exercise the discretion of the trustee
  • Provide continuity of management in the event of incapacity


  • Record account transactions
  • Issue regular statements and updates


  • Review of anticipated tax liabilities
  • Assistance with tax audits
  • Guidance with tax concerns
  • Maintain tax records
  • Prepare returns
  • Prepare summaries for beneficiaries