Divorce Planning

Dissolution Of A Marriage

Going through a divorce can be a difficult time filled with emotional as well as financial stress. Being knowledgeable of all of your choices is your greatest policy for emerging in the best possible position when all is said and done, and the ink has dried on the divorce papers.

Allow Echler Solomon Feng’s trusted guidance to give you the confidence that you are taking the correct decisions for your financial future.

Evaluating Your Key Financial Requirements

As you transition from one phase of your life to the next, we can help you review the many financial decisions that need to be considered.

Financial Planning

Our financial planning team provides a thorough financial review, evaluating the alterations in your cash flow from resources received, spousal support, new or different expenses, and other financial changes resulting from the end of a marriage. We can assist with assessing potential expenses in order to maintain the same quality of lifestyle.

Estate Planning Reassessment

Reassessing all important plans put in place during the marriage or beforehand is crucial to ensure that your beneficiaries will still be taken care of as you intended.

Personal Trust Administration

Echler Solomon Feng has always acted as a fiduciary whether serving as trustee or an investment manager. When trusts are used to safeguard spousal support payments, our knowledgeable team offers wide-ranging administration services for current and future beneficiaries.

Business Value Assessment

For any company that has been valued as part of the divorce and settlement, our team can take a close look at the valuation document and provide new insight.

Investment Management

Our team can tailor a portfolio based on your updated requirements, including liquidity needs, time horizon, risk tolerance, and other factors. Our investment process is created to manage risk, maximize tax efficiency, minimize expenses, and diversify across asset classes.

Insurance Review

We offer an exhaustive breakdown of your health, life, disability, and long-term care insurance, ascertaining what actions are needed, including reviewing policy ownership and assessing who the beneficiaries are, and identifying who is accountable for paying the premiums.

Further Education

Echler Solomon Feng can provide estimates and statistics used to calculate, as best as possible, the future costs associated with further education needs based on the ages of your children and the institutions of further education you are considering. Then, we perform financial aid analysis and estimate forecasts to establish the effect of lump sum payments.

Philanthropic Planning

Before the apportionment of assets, we can look at any existing private foundations and philanthropic vehicles to be sure that they are still aligned with your goals and intentions. We will also study possible philanthropic practices that could be used for property settlement and spousal support payments to facilitate a reduction in your tax liabilities.

As a team, Echler Solomon Feng will work with you to show you the best methods available to position you in the most beneficial financial position moving forward.

There is no guarantee that any investment, financial, or estate planning approach will be successful.