Our Clients

Who We Work For

Whether you come to Echler Solomon Feng with wealth built by savings, a legacy, or the results of your commercial success, you can rest assured that our team will individually serve you with the highest levels of integrity, expertize, discretion, and responsibility. While cultivating your wealth judiciously is significant, we believe a resolute emphasis on managing risk and safeguarding wealth in weak and turbulent markets is the preeminent concern for those with a long-term focus. Our employee-owned business model ensures that our workforce’s outlook is aligned with our clients as both are investors committed to adding value and developing long-lasting relationships.

Our clients have the advantage of institutional-quality investment solutions and open access to the wealth management and investment professionals who administer them. Our highly skilled account managers will help you select a suitable long-term strategy that aligns with your specific financial situation and goals. Where appropriate, we integrate your tax situation, cash flow requirements, retirement aspirations, and charitable and estate planning aims to shape the investment and asset allocations. Additionally, our account managers can evaluate your family’s overall assets, including those held at Echler Solomon Feng or with other professionals, to make sure that our investment selections are appropriate from a total wealth management standpoint.

Fiduciary Services

Our seasoned account managers provide judicious wealth and investment management in conjunction with skilled fiduciary services professionals. Our ability to deliver a blend of wealth and investment management, fiduciary services, together with continuous financial guidance brings additional longer-term value to you and your family. We have the resources to help you to realize your financial goals by providing constant advice and simplifying synchronization with your other professional experts, such as legal representatives and accountants. Dynamic communication about your changing circumstances helps us to best serve your interests from both an investment and overall wealth management point of view.

We also help you when taking into account the non-financial reasons to formulate plans, such as establishing vehicles that: afford discretion and privacy; take adequate care of minors or disabled family members; preserve financial well-being for you and your family during times of incapacity; encourage responsible financial behavior by your heirs; and accomplish your philanthropic goals.

Looking more at the big picture, we take pride in being a shoulder to lean on and trusted advisor as you navigate life’s multitude of financial options. Whether you are buying a primary or secondary residence, paying education fees, preparing for retirement, or considering charitable devices, we will be alongside you to discuss possibilities and offer advice.